0401 YEWADI (Unknown) - IMO 6917621

0401 YEWADI vessel details

0401 YEWADI is a Unknown operated and managed by . The ship was built by in 1969. She is registered with IMO number 6917621 and sailing under the flag of Myanmar.

0401 YEWADI gross tonnage is 162 GT with deadweight (DWT) of 0 tonnes. The LOA (length overall) of the vessel is 0 m (0 feet) and beam (width) is 0 m (0 feet).

Current location of 0401 YEWADI

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Ship Particulars Value
Ship Name 0401 YEWADI
Year of Built 1969
IMO 6917621
Flag of state (Registry) Myanmar
Length overall (LOA) 0
Beam (width) 0
Draught (m) 0
Gross Tonnage (GT) 162
Deadweight (DWT) 0

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