0393 B (General Cargo Ship) - IMO 8215168

0393 B vessel details

0393 B is a General Cargo Ship operated and managed by . The ship was built by in 1984. She is registered with IMO number 8215168 and sailing under the flag of Argentina.

0393 B gross tonnage is 441 GT with deadweight (DWT) of 0 tonnes. The LOA (length overall) of the vessel is 0 m (0 feet) and beam (width) is 0 m (0 feet).

Current location of 0393 B

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Ship Particulars Value
Ship Name 0393 B
Year of Built 1984
IMO 8215168
Flag of state (Registry) Argentina
Length overall (LOA) 0
Beam (width) 0
Draught (m) 0
Gross Tonnage (GT) 441
Deadweight (DWT) 0

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